Unique blends of plant and vibrational energy with natural Cumbrian well water

Created By Sarah Atkinson, Medical Herbalist, and Jane Alexander, Energetics Practitioner.

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What are Meldings?

Meldings are the creation of Sarah Atkinson (Medical Herbalist) and Jane Alexander (Energetics Practitioner) and are a combination of herbal tinctures – prepared using the plants which grow in Sarah’s Cumbrian garden and wild in the local area, cumbrian well water and organic alcohol – with the channeled vibrational energy of the plants. The world ‘melding’ is a Middle English word which means ‘blending’ which seemed to capture the essence of the Meldings themselves.

More than just essences..

In physical terms the Meldings are a type of food. Each 10ml bottle contains about the same amount of actual plant material as a single herbal teabag which makes them very safe to use. Sarah’s extensive knowledge about plants and their effects on the body underpins the choice of plants and the production of the tincture element. Unlike essences, Meldings do contain plant material which means that they taste and smell like the plants they are made from - the Logan berry is a beautiful shade of pink and the Blackberry tastes lovely!

The vibrational element is also significant. Jane works from a sense of a deep connection with All That Is, and finds a unique energetic connection with each plant as she channels its energy into the Meldings. All of the Meldings are hand made by Jane and Sarah and all the plants are organically grown or wildcrafted. The Meldings are made when each plant is in season - nothing is forced or controlled in anyway. We work with nature, learning from nature, every step of the way.

What do they do?

Simply put, Meldings interact with our whole being. They work a little like herbal tinctures and a little like the food we eat because the plants themselves have been chosen for the specific effect they have on the physical body. They also work a little like flower or other types of essences, because they are energetic in nature so they exert influence on our subtle energy system too.

Taken mindfully, you will notice the immediate change of state that they bring, rather like what you might experience after meditation. As a result, they can be useful taken when you are feeling overwhelmed by a particular emotion or situation. Taken over a longer period of time, they may support you to make long term changes.


The first time I read about Meldings, I was intrigued I just loved the idea so much. So when I finally got to stand in front of all those bottles, I couldn't help thinking 'how will I choose, I want them all'. Jane had advised me to follow my intuition, which I did and came away with Plantain, Oat and Solomon's Seal. I will admit I have been going through some huge changes on a personal and spiritual level, these 3 wonderful Meldings have added an extra level of support I never even imagined. They have supported me, pushed me and opened me up all the whilst keeping me grounded. I love them, I can't wait to share them with clients and I literally couldn't recommend them enough. Such a fantastic idea Jane and Sarah, looking forward to what my next purchase brings.

Ginkgo - Memory - The cupboard under the stairs!
You've got one in your  mind. All the fears and unresolved worries over the years go in and it fills up with clutter. So now Ginkgo for the spring clean! You look at the problems again - Ginkgo makes them all tumble out. Looked at once more, some can be resolved and you feel less weighed down. Your mind eases as you examine the problems. You feel more positive. In a better state of mind. Some fears and worries cannot be so easily resolved but they become less frightening. You can accept them and put them back in the Cupboard for non.  I love them!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Marion, Cumbria

I started the Blackberry the other day – Spirit of Adventure – and I’m full of vif and vim, and raring to go

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rose, Lancashire

The Story of the Meldings

Sarah and Jane met when Jane returned to her Cumbrian home to establish Sacred Space - her busy spiritual teaching and therapy practice  - in 2010. Sarah has been running a successful practice as a medical herbalist for over twenty years which is based at her Complemetary Health Centre, The Medicine Garden, which opened its doors in 2006. The Meldings project arose from a conversation in the Medicine Garden kitchen (as so many things do….) about the role of emotions in wellbeing and in particular recovery from illness.

We have long been curious about the space where Sarah’s medicinal practice and Jane’s spiritual practice overlap and felt that it must be possible to create a natural aid to emotional wellbeing which could offer Jane’s clients a little more physical support and Sarah’s clients a little more emotional support as part of their whole treatment. We created the Meldings blending Sarah’s knowledge of plants and their properties and Jane’s intuitive skills and guidance to bridge the gap – this is the very nature of the Meldings : they exist at the point where the material world becomes the subtle energetic world – the precise space of our emotions themselves.

We work from a place of connection with nature and a great respect for the plants that we work with. Although we appoach our relationship with the world around us in two very different ways - as those who know us can attest! -  we have both been facinated by the impact the Meldings project has had on our own wellbeing and on those who tried out the Meldings at the beginning and those who have taken them since. We are really excited to be sharing our creations with others and very much appreciate hearing your stories about your experiences.