Introducing the Meldings

There are 49 Meldings in total and to make it easier for you (and for us!) they are arranged into seven families according to the area of wellbeing they resonate with.

You'll notice as you glance at the plants included that there are a mixture of berries, trees and garden flowers as well as some plants well known for their traditional herbal uses. Some of the Meldings are made from the roots too - rest assured that if we harvested the root in the wild we made sure that we only took from the hedgerow sparingly.

Earthing Group

Rest in your body

This group supports us to manage the challenges of bodily life.

They aid us to remain connected with the body as a part of the Earth. They are useful for stress in particular. They ease its effects on the body as well as help us manage emotional stress in everyday life. They are helpful when we are ‘stuck’ – supporting risk taking and change. They can be of assistance to us when we are struggling to accept life as it is and come to terms with its imperfections. They help us to be vulnerable and to release fear that arises from lack of trust in life itself.

On a physical level they are generally supportive of the systems of the body – in particular the digestive, nervous and excretory systems. They can be useful for the auto-immune system too.

They support, stabilise and encourage emotional lightness so they can be very helpful when people are overwhelmed by life or by their current situations.

Shift Group

Spiritual expansion and growth

This group is focused on spiritual development and wellbeing. It supports the spiritual journey and the emotional growth of the individual.

These Meldings are not the most gentle in action or effect on the ‘human’ level but they lead us into a deeper awareness so hold the promise of a deeper peace and contentedness. They work on a whole being/whole body level so can be helpful to support a wide range of issues that we might face.

They are particularly releasing and encourage a sense of and relationship with purpose and a deeper identity.

Ascension Group

For Soul Deep Transformation

This group can be used to support deeper spiritual practice. They are especially useful for those who have been working on self development for quite some time. They are also very helpful to support you to work with the more challenging aspects of spiritual life. In particular they can be used to support our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing following peak spiritual experience. They help us to integrate new understandings and insights into our everyday life. Can support us to ground our spirituality and make sense of new belief systems without becoming dogmatic or attached. They also help us to manage sensitivity that arises through the clearing of old energy or ways of being so that we can continue to grow and deepen into all that we are.

Strengthening Group

Emotional resolution

This group resonates with the solar plexus and the issues associated with this energy centre – namely issues to do with the realisation of selfhood. They can be useful to help us to connect with our own power and to address deep seated emotional imbalances.

In general, they can be a ‘kick up the behind’ and help us to own up to our unhealthy emotional behaviours. They help us to let go of apathy and to take charge of our own situations in order to take the steps we need to move forward. Useful for issues with digestion and elimination in particular – consider with skin conditions.

Healer Group

Calm and sooth mind and body

This group is fundamentally soothing. They are useful when people need to feel cared for especially when they are suffering. This group is more bodily focused and is very helpful when the symptoms people might be experiencing are particularly distressing for them.

These Meldings are also useful to combat emotional stress and are effective when people are overwhelmed by their feelings and unable to manage the demands of daily life. They assist people to find patience and to embrace rest when this is the best course of action to allow the body and the mind to heal.

Heart Group

Clear and open the heart

This group is focused primarily on emotional health and wellbeing. Many of these Meldings help us to release emotional baggage which may be holding us in our pasts or preventing us finding emotional contentment in the present. These Meldings can help us to take emotional risks and to undo patterning and change habitual behaviours which have an emotional root.

Some of this group are calming and comforting so can be great to turn too when we feel overwhelmed by life. Others are more uncomfortable in action as they encourage, realisation, acceptance and moving on from our emotional states.

On a spiritual level, this group can be used to help us to let go of emotional obstacles to spiritual growth – help us find forgiveness and release grudges for example. They can be great companions as we seek to open the heart.